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Gibbon Slacklines


This manual contains important safety information. Read this manual carefully and make sure you understand and agree to all warnings, cautions, instructions, and safety

recommendations. Periodically review the information in this manual and inspect your slackline regularly for signs of damage. Do not use the slackline unless you accept all risk of injury and / or death that may result from its use.

The slackline is a dangerous piece of equipment even when used properly. Use at your own risk and always use common sense.

Parents of minors and minors:

Minors should not use the slackline unless they are under constant competent adult supervision. Make sure that the slackline is only installed in areas where minors cannot access the slackline without such adult supervision. Minors should never use the ratchet or adjust the tension of the slackline at any time.

The slackline was developed solely for one adult to improve his or her balance by slowly walking across the slackline over a flat, even and soft landing area without any obstacles, people, projections, or hazards nearby. The slackline must only be used in the manner described in this manual.

Make sure that the slackline is fixed only to anchors as described in this manual. Do NOT attach the slackline to any anchor point that is too weak to safely anchor and use the slackline or that is not fixed. For example, do NOT attach the slackline to one or more cars.

Make sure that the ground and landing area over which the slackline is suspended is flat, even, and soft. You will be falling onto it!

Do not set the slackline at any height above 18 inches / 50 centimeters, unless you accept all risk of injury and/or death. Make sure that there are no obstacles, hazards, people, or projections near the slackline that could injure you in a fall. Only use the slackline at locations without any hazards and/or dangers.

 Always wear sturdy, tightly laced athletic shoes with flat rubber soles.

 Do NOT walk the slackline barefoot or in sandals or using shoes with lugged soles.

 Keep all spectators at least 3 meters (9 feet) from the slackline.

 Never use the slackline at dusk or night, or in wet or icy conditions.

 Do NOT allow more than one person to use the slackline at any time.

 Do NOT exceed 220 pounds (100 kg) in weight on the slackline at any time.

 This slackline is not intended for performing any tricks, including but not limited to jumping, flipping, etc. Risk of injury and/or death increases significantly when tricks are

attempted or performed.

This slackline is not impervious to damage.

The slackline must be properly maintained and inspected before every use. Failure to inspect and maintain the slackline before each use may result in injury and/or death. The use of any parts not provided by the manufacturer are not recommended and may damage the slackline, impact performance, shorten the lifespan of the product, and cause injury and/or death.


Wear on the loop protection is not taken into warranty consideration – In usage the slackline is confronted with permanent dynamic stresses. Wear on the loop protection hence does not get considered for warranty claims.

Related to the topic above the wear on the print of the slackline is excluded from warranty claim. Wear on the Slackline that is caused by incorrect usage like for example when wrapping the slackline around sharp corners cannot be claimed for warranty. The Slackline is a sports product and under usage it will wear.


For ideal maintenance we recommend cleaning the ratchet and sealing it with standard machine lubricant. Please rinse entire Slackline with clear freshwater after usage in saltwater. Before every usage of the Slackline please check all parts for damage. Please wash only with medium warm clear water.


The Slackline system is only allowed to be tensioned by hand and by one person only. The chosen Anchors neither are allowed to have any sharp corners or be in a condition to potentially harm the slackline.

It is only allowed to be installed with protective flooring underneath. Is never to be tensioned with other means (such as cars) than the equipment provided inside the set. Please do not leave the slackline unattended when derigged. Small children could get tangled up in the slackline. The slackline in length is not allowed to be modified through the use of knots.

1.4 WARNINGS: Failure to…

 use common sense,

 use the slackline as recommended in this manual, and / or,

 heed the warnings and instructions in this manual

… significantly increases the risk of serious injury and / or death.

When assembled, the slackline is under significant tension which may equal or exceed 1500 lbs (7 kn/700 kg). Due to the high tension of the slackline, great care must be exercised when using the slackline to decrease the risk of injury and / or death. Overloading the slackline with more than 220 pounds (100 kg) and / or more than one person increases the tension and may cause the slackline and/or ratchet to fail resulting in injury and / or death.

Check local laws regarding slacklines to see where and how you may lawfully use the slackline. In some cities and states slacklining use on public property is illegal, restricted, or


You may see people on TV or on the Internet performing tricks or stunts on a slackline. These are people who have been practicing for a long time, who are highly skilled, and who accept the risk of all injury and / or death. Do not attempt to perform any tricks on this slackline unless you accept all risk of injury and/or death.

The manufacturer and resellers of this slackline explicitly disclaim any and all responsibility and liability for any death, paralysis, injury, and / or damage to any person or property that may occur that arises out of or is in any way related to the use of this product.


This product is warranted against any material or manufacturing defect for two (2) years from the purchase date as stated on a valid receipt. This warranty does not cover or include any damage or defect caused by: normal wear and tear, modifications or alterations, incorrect storage, poor maintenance, and / or damage due to accidents, negligence, or misuse ( including but not limited to any use not explicitly approved in this manual). Be sure to thoroughly dry the slackline before storing).

Other than as described above, the manufacturer, sellers, and resellers of this product make no other representations and / or warranties, either express or implied, regarding the product, including without limitation, any warranties as to merchantability, quality, or fitness for a particular purpose. The manufacturer, sellers, and resellers shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if they have been advised of the possibility of such damages. The slackline user agrees that his or her full remedy against the manufacturer, sellers, and resellers for any liability, claims, or damages, shall be limited to the purchase price of the slackline, and irrevocably waive all claims for any other damages that such slackline user may have.

ATTENTION! Do not use any other parts or materials to install the slackline or in connection with the use of the slackline other than the parts and materials provided by GIBBON

Slacklines. Use of the ratchet is dangerous and may lead to injury and/or death. The ratchet must never be used by minors, and extreme care and caution must be taken when used by adults. The slackline strap must not exceed two and a half rotations around the axle of the ratchet (see manual for setup.). The tension on the lever of the ratchet must not exceed 85 pounds (approx. 378N/38.5kg) to prevent seizing and / or failure of the slackline system resulting in serious injury and / or death. Never use your legs or any device or body part other than your hands to operate the ratchet.

This slackline must not be attached or assembled between vehicles (e.g., cars or trucks) for various reasons. Slacklining is a beautiful sport, but its dangers, including serious injury and/or death, are significant and must never be underestimated!

Expedition One GERI Cans

Your portable liquid containers (fuel/water) are meant to be mounted on your vehicle only when necessary. It is not recommended cans be stored long-term in/on your vehicle. This helps ensure longevity of product.

It is recommended your cans be stored long-term in a garage or similar covered area.

When your cans are in use, keep full of liquid and be sure to cycle through fuel/water regularly.

Be careful not to over-tighten the lid, as this may cause damage or unnecessary wear. Replacements spout kits may be purchased on our website.

AirTrack Factory

Warranty and liability

1.1 The goods and services to be supplied by the Supplier meet the usual requirements and standards of the Supplier which were required at the time and date of delivery and meet the requirements for the activities defined by the Supplier as normal usage.

1.2 Each form of guarantee and liability as to the Supplier will be invalidated in case a defect has been caused as a result of or arising from injudicious or improper use of the goods. The Client is also not entitled to any guarantee, nor can he refer to the Supplier´s liability, in case the defect has been caused by, or has resulted from, circumstances beyond the Supplier´s control, including vandalism and weather conditions (including, but not limited to, extreme rainfall, wind or temperatures).

The warranty shall be in place for a period of 24 months after delivery and extends exclusively to material and manufacturing. All Claims under the terms of the Supplier’s warranty shall be subject to verification by the Manufacturer, successful Claims against the Manufacturer’s warranty shall be settled by exchange by the same product type upon availability by he Supplier.
1.4 The liability of the Supplier is limited to defects proven to have emerged within the agreed warranty period after delivery, exclusively or to a considerable extent as a direct consequence of errors in the goods processed by the Supplier and that the errors and defects have been reported within 10 working days to the Supplier.

1.5 For further consequences and/or other damage, from whatever capacity, the Supplier shall not be liable.

Whereby the Client will arrange for transport of the object to the Supplier in accordance with article 1.3.

1.6 The Supplier is never liable for indirect damages, thereby included consequential damage, consequential losses, missed profits, missed savings and damages because of enterprise stagnation.

The use of the goods is at the own risk of user. The Supplier is not liable for injury due to use of its goods.


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