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Welcome to Outqore, your go to shop for all your cool recreational sporting and outdoor goods ! Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, we’ve got everything you need to stay on top of your game. As an e-commerce, retail, and wholesale sporting goods store, we offer a wide selection of high-quality products at competitive prices.


Initially registered as a vendor in multiple retailer stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Outqore faced challenges in training the sales team. Many lacked motivation to understand our products and effectively communicate their benefits to customers. Additionally, dealing with damaged or missing stock and managing supplies across various locations posed difficulties. As a result, we made the decision to break away and launch our own ecommerce website.


To offer a variety of recreational sports and outdoor equipment that enhances fitness and training routines, enabling individuals and athletes achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, while supporting them to explore new sports. We aim to build communities around various recreational sports, promoting self-exploration and a healthy lifestyle. With products from leading manufacturers, we ensure confident training using the proper equipment. We prioritize providing an enjoyable online shopping experience, excellent customer service, and support for people of all age groups in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.


To be the foremost provider and hub for recreational sports and outdoor products in the Gulf region. We strive to foster inclusive communities that prioritize human wellbeing, disregarding physical attributes or fitness levels.


I remember vividly practicing handstands in our apartment’s hallway (don’t ask me to pull one now) during my upbringing in Abu Dhabi (mid 90s), there weren’t any training options in schools and facilities back then. Despite my Engineering career, I yearned for a change from conventional notions about sports, fitness, and hobbies. During my outdoor and fishing trips, my friends had always called me the gear freak (i.e. Soap shoes, GoPros, Google Defoggers, Glow in the dark kits, you name it!)
One day, while watching “The Drs” show with my late father, it instantly hit me; the beauty and benefits of Slacklining. Little did my father agree and despite his questioning, he had doubts and so did I nevertheless and ever since; we’ve been growing. I knew it would be the beginning of the journey that I’ve been seeking and indeed it has! After setting up the Slacklines in Al Safa park in 2013, I witnessed the extraordinary power of engagement with the community. This gave me the confidence to expand our product portfolio to include the brands we have today.

Despite the challenges and difficulties, I hope this inspires you to trust your instincts and embrace new experiences through your journey of wellbeing.

“Growing up I never liked the conventional sports practiced in school which mainly relied onteamwork and never gave credit to the entire team but rather focused on certain individuals. I felt it was unfair and demotivating not to be recognized for my contribution as a team player which discouraged me to continue practicing such sports although I enjoyed them, it’s the sad truth. However I wanted a change from the conventional myths about sports, fitness and even hobbies so I began with Gibbon Slacklines in 2013 cause I realized that I will be building a community for
people to interact and practice something unique with strangers, having conversations and socializing. After setting up a couple of times in public parks I realized that the power of Slacklining was beyond building & strengthening your core and muscles, it’s actually an activity that creates bonds in more ways than one.”

We aim to enhance fitness and well being of different society members by promoting an active lifestyle which has no boundaries or limits in terms of creativity, fun and most importantly interaction between people regardless of their fitness levels and goals. We are selective about our brands and products and never compromise safety nor well being and thus our exclusive brands are made by only the best in the industry.

Today, with the support and trust of our loyal customers; we have grown significantly to become stronger and resilient whilst paving the path for a revolution in the world of recreational sports and outdoors products in Dubai and the GCC region.

Amr Al Hosaini – Founder & Manager

Founder's note

“I personally take the pleasure in delivering the products as the founder whenever possible to meet our customers. The smile, joy and happiness of our customers gives me an indescribable satisfaction. None of this would have been possible without the support of so many people out there all over the world, and I’m thankful to each one of you throughout!”

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