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The Water Bike (additionally called drifting boat or bicycle boat) is a genuine bicycle having a lightweight edge that permits to arrive at superior, mounted on two buoys and ready to “cycle” on water. 

Protected and simple to gather/dismantle, water bicycles are provided with an exceptional pack. The simplicity of gathering and dismantling permits you to move the pack in your vehicle boot, without causing exorbitant mess, as you would then be able to amass the bicycle straightforwardly on location.


Taking part in an activity that promotes physical and mental well-being, sharing a passion with others, and being able to appreciate the lake/sea/river from a privileged vantage point, away from traffic dangers and city smog. That is the name of our firm.

Today, we have a water-powered bike that is simple and safe to ride.

Our DESFROS is ideal for everyone who wants to engage in recreational or recreational activities.

A bicycle running on water, simple to ride and safe.
Perfect models for all those who want to practice a recreational or competitive activity.

The Waterbike for all seasons in greatest wellbeing, without getting wet

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