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Giboard by Gibbon Slacklines

It’s almost the end of 2023 already however alot of exciting stuff going on with outQore and its brands! Here’s an overview
This is what GIBBON Slacklines has been engaged in: bringing balance and fun to as many people as possible.
The possibilities with Slacklines are boundless. To simplify, we categorized them into three distinct groups: #Play, #Workout, and #UnWind. Why, you ask?

Play: Here, it’s all about tricks, enjoyment, and unleashing your creativity.

Workout: The Slackline adds a dash of excitement to your fitness routines. It also enhances any exercise performed on it by introducing instability through induced vibration and biofeedback.

Relax: In this realm, our aim is to liberate individuals from their 9-to-5 routines. We encourage movement, stretching, and relaxation to enhance their overall well-being throughout the day, and performance during work.

Through our newest innovation, the #Giboard, we’ve effectively addressed all these dimensions and made it adaptable to your living room, office, gym, or any space you desire! Yet, if you’re seeking an additional challenge and enhanced instability, our slackline sets are precisely what you need.

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Giboard Set – Bonzo Classic

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